Students: Climate Change & Music

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Students use music to communicate climate change impacts and solutions.

This past spring, the National Aquarium in Baltimore challenged local students to use theater, music, or art to communicate climate change and extreme weather impacts and solutions.

The climate rap – Yale Climate Connections


Video: “Undocumented Impacts Video” 5 members from 4SW made this video for the Climate Central and Baltimore Aquarium Climate Change Contest. All of the materials in this video are original 4SW productions.  

 Learn more about the National Aquarium Weather & Climate Day!



Students Redesign Neighborhood for Climate Resilience

  College students design a plan to protect a Norfolk, Virginia community from sea level rise.   Students from Old Dominion and Hampton Universities in Norfolk, Virginia were asked to create a design to help one local neighborhood adapt to sea level rise. They searched for an off-the-shelf design that they could modify for the specific needs of Chesterfield Heights, but came up empty. Students redesign neighborhood for climate resilience – Yale Climate Connections

Learn more about the Tidewater rising resiliency design challenge


Want to watch more music on climate change? Check out this Climate Change Rap:


RTCC: “One World” Climate Change Musical

RTCC climate change musical makes Berlin debut


What can you do?


  What You Can Do: At School via the EPA

What You Can Do At School | Climate Change | US EPA

Climate Change Student Handbook & Games