Elm City Podcast \\ GovLove Episode 23 features City Atlas: New Haven!

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In the latest episode of the GovLove Podcast (#23, to be precise), Project Manager & Editor Liana Epstein talks about City Atlas: New Haven, the good initiatives happening in New Haven, and the powerful role of listening to the community.

Liana Epstein tells us about City Atlas: New Haven, a new project about the future of New Haven. City Atlas is a bottom-up publication that highlights the good initiatives happening throughout the city with the goal of working together toward a greener, greater future for the city. In particular, Liana talks about the powerful role of listening in community initiatives – and listening a lot.




This episode of GovLove
was a collaboration between SeeClickFix and City Atlas: New Haven (@cityatlasnhv).
To learn more about or get involved with City Atlas: New Haven, contact program manager and editor Liana Epstein at liana.epstein@thecityatlas.org.

You can also listen to the full episode here, and be sure to check out more Elm City Podcasts, as well as the GovLove Podcast, a series about local government, hosted by Kirsten Wyatt, Ben Kittelson, and Caroline Smith. From SeeClickFix and ELGL HQ.