Elm City Podcast

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The Elm City Podcast explores the visions that New Havenites have for the future of this city.

We speak with community leaders, long-term residents, and students to learn about what they are working on to make this city great.

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All podcasts produced by Meghan O’Sullivan.

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July 2015:

Elm City Podcast: Anthony Correa

Anthony Correa, highlighted in this episode, is the Director of Recruitment for the Elm Seed Enterprise fund, the oldest student-run microfinance organization in the world. Hailing from Miami, Florida, Anthony will be a senior at Yale this year.


August 2015:

Elm City Podcast: Chris Randall

Chris Randall, founder of the “I Love New Haven” photography initiative, speaks to us about his work in New Haven, as well as his hopes for the future of the city.


An image of Roger, one of Chris’s favorite subjects (Chris Randall/ I Love New Haven Photo)

Rooftops Facing Chapel Street (Chris Randall/ I Love New Haven Photo)

Elm City Podcast: Melissa Spear

Melissa Spear, Executive Director of Common Ground High School, talks about sustainability, education, and community involvement in the New Haven area.

September 2015:

Elm City Podcast/GovLove Podcast: Program Coordinators of VetWheels

VetWheels is a program started in New Haven, CT in which veterans with serious mental illness learn bicycle repair, maintenance, and safety in a small group setting as they rebuild a used bicycle to keep for their personal use. In this episode of GovLove, we sat down with the Program Coordinator and Bike Mechanic of VetWheels to hear how this small program tapped into broader community efforts and how it can be replicated in other towns.

This episode of GovLove was a collaboration between SeeClickFix, ELGL, and City Atlas: New
 (@cityatlasnhv). To learn more about or get involved with VetWheels, contact Joel LaChance at lachance2@gmail.com or Mark Smith at mark.r.smith85@gmail.com. If you’d like to learn more about City Atlas: New Haven, email Liana directly at liana.epstein@thecityatlas.org.


October 2015:

Liana Epstein tells us about City Atlas: New Haven, a new project about the future of New Haven. City Atlas is a bottom-up publication that highlights the good initiatives happening throughout the city with the goal of working together toward a greener, greater future for the city. In particular, Liana talks about the powerful role of listening in community initiatives – and listening a lot.

This episode of GovLove was a collaboration between SeeClickFix and City Atlas: New Haven (@cityatlasnhv). To learn more about or get involved with City Atlas: New Haven, contact program manager and editor Liana Epstein at liana.epstein@thecityatlas.org.