Letter from the Editors

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Dear Readers,


In the dictionary, an “atlas” is defined as “a book of maps or charts.” An atlas can orient and direct us toward our pursuit of a larger goal. Knowing how to navigate a local area and consider the ways in which we impact the natural environment can ground us in understanding broader environmental changes.


At City Atlas: New Haven, we are committed to familiarizing our readers with the environmental scene of Yale and New Haven. We will provide coverage of environmental issues, events, people, and other related content to showcase local discussion and activism. It is important to note that we may feel more aware in the moment after reading an article, but we also can’t forget that words are empty when they don’t lead to meaningful action.


In short, we need to do more than read. We need to show up, speak out, and teach others beyond the walls of this website. Publications like City Atlas: New Haven can help amplify the conversation about global environmental events such as climate change. If there were ever a time to make writing resonate with people and inspire change, now is that time.


As we turn a corner with our relaunch this year, we hope that City Atlas: New Haven can provide environmental coverage that helps raise awareness of issues and of resources that Yale and New Haven can provide to support our environment.


We look forward to writing, reading, and expanding our perspectives on the environment with you all.




Katie Schlick & Sarah Adams