Student community service, activism a Yale tradition in city

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Yale’s economic influence reaches well beyond New Haven

This story is part of a New Haven Register look at the economic impact Yale University makes on New Haven and surrounding communities.) NEW HAVEN >> While Yale University’s primary focus as an economic engine is on its host city, towns surrounding New Haven also benefit – directly or indirectly – from their physical proximity to one of the world’s top schools.

Yale University and New Haven team up to remake Broadway for retail, restaurants

NEW HAVEN >> It was three Yale undergraduate women from Italy who Bruce D. Alexander believes persuaded KIKO Milano to open a cosmetics store on Broadway.

Yale’s economic impact on Greater New Haven: more than $2B annually

NEW HAVEN >> Yale University has been a part of life in New Haven for so long – with roots that can be traced back to before the Revolutionary War – that it’s hard to imagine one without the other.

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Original Source: Published Sunday, May 17, 2015 by Ed Stannard for the New Haven Register 


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