Additional Resources

[stag_icon icon=”fire” url=”” size=”50px” new_window=”yes”] To learn more about energy and greenhouse gas emissions at Yale, visit this website

[stag_icon icon=”sitemap” url=”” size=”50px” new_window=”yes”]  President Salovey’s six sustainability initiatives

[stag_icon icon=”envelope” url=”” size=”50px” new_window=”yes”] President Salovey’s original letter to the Yale community outlining new sustainability initiatives at Yale

[stag_icon icon=”sun-o” url=”” size=”50px” new_window=”yes”] Interested in solar? You can still participate in Solarize U by signing up through Energy Sage. *Deadline Aug. 31, 2015

[stag_icon icon=”money” url=”” size=”50px” new_window=”yes”] Yale’s pilot project to price Yale’s carbon dioxide emissions
Solar project inspires spark of interest – Yale Climate Connections

Original source: published on July 7, 2015 by the Yale Office of Sustainability >>