Trying out my green thumb

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Lucy Gellman, news reporter for the New Haven Independent, shares her experience at New Haven FarmsFerry Street Farm in Fair Haven. If you’ve walked or driven out that way, you probably know the property she talks about: a once-vacant lot just beyond Erector Square, now brimming with gorgeous row of kale and beet greens, eggplant, cucumbers, squash and more.

I Love New Haven: Trying Out My Green Thumb – Lucy Gellman


New Haven Farms

Green Thumb Community Challenge (#GTCNHV).

Throughout August and September, New Haven farms aims to celebrate and support community members growing their own food by providing four celebrations in Fair Haven and the Hill neighborhoods.  Cooking demonstrations, shared meals, gardening and composting tips, and prizes are all planned for these family-friendly, fun events.

#GTCNHV in the news:

New Haven rolls out unique childhood obesity program

Visit Ferry Street Farm

Ferry Street Farm, 248 Ferry St, New Haven, CT 06513

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