Wear Your Sustainability on Your Sleeve: Tuckerman & Co.

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Wear Your Sustainability on Your Sleeve: Jonas Clark and Amanda Rinderle of Tuckerman & Co.

If you’re like most socially- and environmentally-conscious folks, you think about recycling, driving less fossil/more electric, buying organic, and seeking out fair trade products. But if you’re like most, you haven’t started thinking about how your shirts are made. After all, you don’t eat your shirt, and it doesn’t spew emissions when you wear it (note: we are making an assumption about personal hygiene there, but we have faith in you).

Kidding aside, Jonas Clark and Amanda Rinderle are about to change the way you think about the shirt on your back, and you may just be wearing your sustainability on your sleeve in the future.

Tuckerman & Co: “In the simplest terms, we’re a mission-driven clothing company. We want you to look good and to feel good about what you wear. Our first product is a line of shirts made differently than any other dress shirt available today, in the most sustainable, socially-conscious way possible.”

Their company, conceived and launched at Yale’s School of Management (SOM), not only recently won a Yale Shark Tank competition and top honors at reSET’s Social Enterprise awards, but has also gotten exceptional traction in its Kickstarter campaign to launch its first shirts. (Support of $110 for the campaign puts one of their historic batch of shirts in your wardrobe.)

Why the buzz? The Whiteboard™ sat down with Tuckerman & Co’s founders, both MBA candidates at SOM, at a coffee shop close to campus to get to the bottom of it for you.

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Original Source: Written by Derek Koch; Published in 2014 on The Whiteboard™ >> http://thewhiteboardct.com/profiles/wear-your-sustainability-on-your-sleeve-jonas-clark-and-amanda-rinderle-of-tuckerman-co/

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